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I. Introduction............................[OO1]
II. Links to Specialized W&W Threads.......[002]
III. Link Sections.........................[003]

-The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Nutritional Programs
-Dieting Disasters
-Sean10mm's Basic Nutritional Supplements Guide

-Tailor-Made Nutrition, Part I
-Tailor-Made Nutrition, Part II
-Tailor-Made Nutrition, Part III
-5 Good Reasons to Use Functional Fatty Acids

-The Get Shredded Diet + Getting Unshredded
-Nutrition, Your Brain, and Your Body
-Advanced Training Nutrition
-The Velocity Diet, Part I
-The Velocity Diet, Part II
-Good Grains, Bad Grains
-Evil Antioxidants?
-The F-Word
-The Hard Body Manifesto, Part I
-The Hard Body Manifesto, Part II
-The Stimulant Roundtable
-The Carb Cycling Codex
-Temporal Nutrition Q&A

Nerd Patrol
-The NO2/Arginine Scam
-The Protein Debate
-Nitrogenous Novelty: New Ways to Look At Protein
-Built Like a Neanderthal, Part I
-Built Like a Neanderthal, Part II

-----Mobility/Injury Prevention............[A02]

-Feel Better for 10 Bucks
-Neanderthal No More, Part I
-Neanderthal No More, Part II
-Neanderthal No More, Part III
-Neanderthal No More, Part IV
-Neanderthal No More, Part V
-The Lazy Man's Guide To Stretching
-The Warm-Up Manifesto, Part I
-The Warm-Up Manifesto, Part II
-The Stretching Roundtable, Part I
-The Stretching Roundtable, Part II
-Strong Athlete, Zero Injuries
-13 Tips for Mighty Elbows and Wrists
-Shoulder Savers, Part I
-Shoulder Savers, Part II
-Shoulder Savers, Part III
-18 Tips for Bulletproof Knees
-High Performance Core Training

-----Weight Lifting........................[A03]
--A Note About Women
-Total Body Training
-Max OT
-Basic Splits
-Big Boy Basics
-The Modified 5x5 Squat Program
-Periodization Nuts and Bolts
-Mastering the Deadlift: Part I added 5/30
-Mastering the Deadlift: Part II added 5/30


-50 Tips for Serious Athletes
-The 7 Conditioning Secrets of Successful Combat Athletes

-Breaking the Strength Barrier
-The High Frequency Training Handbook
-The Torso Solution
-HSS-100 Breakdown
-HSS-100: Chest Specialization
-HSS-100: Shoulder Specialization
-HSS-100: Back Specialization
-Arm Specialization Program
-Lats: Not Just for Pulldowns
-Tabata Method added 5/30

Ladies Night
-Sexy Female Training
-The Figure Body Part Checklist
-Ten Keys to the Lean and Sexy Look, Part I
-Ten Keys to the Lean and Sexy Look, Part II

-Cardio Progressions
-Cardio Confusion
-Cardio Roundtable, Part I
-Cardio Roundtable, Part II
-High Intensity Interval Training
-More High Intensity Interval Training

IV. FAQ/Concerns...........................[004]
-How can I lose weight in/near my ___?............[BO1]
-I don't want to get 'bulky'......................[B02]
-I only want to grow X area/tone my abs/etc.......[B03]
-How can I convert fat to muscle?.................[B04]
-My  told me this is wrong.[B05]
-I'm skinny, I'm eating, but I'm not growing......[B06]
-I'm fat but I can't lose weight because of ___...[B07]
-Isn't eating too many eggs bad for me?...........[B08]
-My doctor says X is dangerous....................[B09]
-The programs here aren't advanced enough for me..[B10]
-What kind of shoes should I wear?................[B11]
-If I eat tuna will I get mercury poisoning?......[B12]
-Why is being overweight dangerous?...............[B13]
-What is overtraining?............................[B14]

V. How To..................................[005]

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VI. Miscellaneous..........................[006]
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I. Introduction [001]

FAQ | Introduction +1

Read the FAQ.

Hello, and welcome to:

* The rest of your life
* A bastion of information and penis jokes
* Becoming a healthy individual
* A short timeout from WoW and Mountain Dew Code Red
* Something for you to scoff at

This thread (and this forum) is what you make of it. There are so many variables that are involved in you reaching this thread that I won't even attempt to list them all-- although I'd imagine that the top three are being lost, being fat and being bored.

This thread is meant for questions and discussion on the most basic and most advanced of fitness topics, no matter your goals or experience. The information here is easily digestable if you pace yourself and don't allow yourself to become overwhelmed by the breadth of it.

I don't want to get into some long deal, the first post (or two) are meant to act as a repository of knowledge- with a short introduction. If you want a longer introduction, because you are uncomfortable for whatever reason, or you think you're right about everything but you're seeing no results, read the longer introduction here. What I will say, and I really ask you to believe this, is that you are never in as bad a situation as you think you are.

Many of us have been obese, and many of us have been exceedingly skinny (see: Physical Transformations Thread). There are paramedics amongst us (Hentai Tentacle Demon), those who work with athletes on a professional level (Alfalfa), a crazy European engineer who studies philosophy (Lifedough, although I think he's banned) and some of us are even powerlifters who enjoy having casual sex with men in public bathrooms (cavefish). We don't know what Liface does, but we're trying to figure it out.

We all have one thing in common: We started. It doesn't matter from where, it doesn't matter how, it doesn't matter why. We did not let "paralysis of analysis" stop us, we did not use our genes as a shield my husband -- we got over excuses, realizing that rationalization of laziness gets you absolutely nowhere, and we started.

And we perservered- I might add- through the unexpected. From injury (my discs thank for you cleaning weight incorrectly) to illness (somebody's probably died, I don't know), from military deployment to being captured by a rogue group of ren faire enthusiasts looking to make a quick buck by selling an Austrian to a Colombian drug cartel to be used as a sexual slave (Einherjar)- we continued our training. Maybe you'll be able to take the leap today and start- but you cannot allow 'starting' to satiate you. And you cannot start with such recklessness that you burn out or you hurt yourself and you squander whatever precious enthusiasm you had. If you want results in anything you do in life, you must push ahead and make a concentrated effort to better yourself- without being a jackass.

If you want to discuss something related specifically to you and your body, please provide your height, weight, experience, serious injuries and age if you think any of that information would make a difference. If you've been training regularly for 12 years you will have to work differently than someone who's been training for 3 months. If you're 47 you'll have to train differently than a 26 year old. If you're 387lbs you're going to have to delay weight training and even most aerobic activity until you get that weight down.

If you are a woman you can send me a PM for help. I may ask you for your phone number so we can converse in more detail. I breathe heavily into my cellphone when talking to women, but don't be alarmed- I'm only masturbating. If you're a guy you can PM cavefish about whatever.

Okay, so that ended up being a bunch of bullshit despite my attempts to not write a bunch of bullshit, but now that it's out of the way let's get started.

Elaboration Super Station

II. Links to Specialized W&W Threads [002]

-The Running Megathread
-Rock Climbing
-Display Your Physique/Physical Transformations Megathread
-The SomethingAwful Nike+ iPod Miles Challenge
-The Weight Loss Megathread
-The Cycling Megathread
-Velocity Diet Experience Thread
-Stupid Shit You've Seen In Gyms
-Awesome Shit You've Seen In Gyms
-Stupid Things People Have Said About Lifting
-The Swimming Megathread
-Videos of All Kinds


The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Nutritional Programs
Dieting Disasters
Sean10mm's Basic Nutritional Supplements Guide

Tailor-Made Nutrition, Part I
Tailor-Made Nutrition, Part II
Tailor-Made Nutrition, Part III
5 Good Reasons to Use Functional Fatty Acids

The Get Shredded Diet + Getting Unshredded
Nutrition, Your Brain, and Your Body
Advanced Training Nutrition
The Velocity Diet, Part I
The Velocity Diet, Part II
Good Grains, Bad Grains
Evil Antioxidants?
The F-Word
The Hard Body Manifesto, Part I
The Hard Body Manifesto, Part II
The Stimulant Roundtable
The Carb Cycling Codex
Temporal Nutrition Q&A

Nerd Patrol
The NO2/Arginine Scam
The Protein Debate
Nitrogenous Novelty: New Ways to Look At Protein
Built Like a Neanderthal, Part I
Built Like a Neanderthal, Part II


Feel Better for 10 Bucks
Neanderthal No More, Part I
Neanderthal No More, Part II
Neanderthal No More, Part III
Neanderthal No More, Part IV
Neanderthal No More, Part V
The Lazy Man's Guide To Stretching
The Warm-Up Manifesto, Part I
The Warm-Up Manifesto, Part II
The Stretching Roundtable, Part I
The Stretching Roundtable, Part II
Strong Athlete, Zero Injuries
13 Tips for Mighty Elbows and Wrists
Shoulder Savers, Part I
Shoulder Savers, Part II
Shoulder Savers, Part III
18 Tips for Bulletproof Knees
High Performance Core Training


A Note About Women

Stumptuous, female weightlifting site.

It doesn't matter that you are a woman. You will not become "big and bulky" by lifting something larger than 2.5lb pink dumbbells. If you are concerned about this, read Introduction +1. Every single female celebrity that is considered "fit" and isn't a pile of mush (think the "Jessicas" [Biel, Alba, Simpson]) has weightlifting as a part of their routine. There's a bit towards the end with some female 'oriented' programs, but for the most part you should do everything men do. You will not pack on muscle or turn into a female bodybuilder without a ridiculously strict regime and hormonal supplementation.

Total Body Training
Max OT
Basic Splits
Big Boy Basics
The Modified 5x5 Squat Program
Periodization Nuts and Bolts
Mastering the Deadlift: Part I
Mastering the Deadlift: Part II

50 Tips for Serious Athletes
The 7 Conditioning Secrets of Successful Combat Athletes

Breaking the Strength Barrier
Doggcrapp 1 Doggcrapp 2
The High Frequency Training Handbook
The Torso Solution (back exercises for people with strong arms)
HSS-100 Breakdown
HSS-100: Chest Specialization
HSS-100: Shoulder Specialization
HSS-100: Back Specialization
Arm Specialization Program
Lats: Not Just for Pulldowns
Tabata Method

Ladies Night
Sexy Female Training
The Figure Body Part Checklist
Ten Keys to the Lean and Sexy Look, Part I
Ten Keys to the Lean and Sexy Look, Part II

Cardio Progressions
Cardio Confusion
Cardio Roundtable, Part I
Cardio Roundtable, Part II
High Intensity Interval Training
More High Intensity Interval Training

IV. FAQ/Concerns [004]

How can I lose weight in/near my ___? [BO1]

You can't. Resistance exercise focusing on a particular area will cause muscle to be built in that area- but the muscle will be built underneath the fat so long as it exists, which will only make you look bigger.

Many men carry excess weight in the abdomen. Many women carry excess weight in the thighs, hips and sometimes upper arms. If you're still seeing a significant amount of excess weight somewhere- it means you're not as skinny as you think you are. If you're already skinny everywhere else, it means you're "skinny fat", which is a way of saying you're skinny with a high bodyfat %. Build muscle to drop bodyfat, and you'll see yourself even out. You cannot spot reduce fat, you can only lower your bodyfat %.

I don't want to get 'bulky' [B02]

You won't unless you want to. Especially if you're female. Restrict your caloric intake if you're really terrified of growing too fast (which you won't), as that will halt any real hypertrophy. Bodybuilders have years (decades, in many cases) of religious training regimes and difficult diets under their belts. You will never magically turn into Ahhnold.

I only want to grow X area/tone my abs/etc [B03]

Uh, go for it? Building muscle mass in one area will eventual leave you with muscle imbalances that are dangerous (not because having muscle here and not here is dangerous, but because you will overrate strength in certain areas performing certain tasks when other areas of your body are not up to par, and that can cause pretty catastrophic results).

As for toning, "toning" is basically saying you want to increase the visibility of muscle (muscle tone). You do this through cutting bodyfat if you already have a 'fair' amount of muscle mass, or gaining muscle. If you're already skinny and lanky, you could conceivably tone your abs by drastically cutting bodyfat, but it would be unhealthy and you would see the 'base' muscle on your skeleton- and we're all asymmetrical. What I'm saying is- you probably don't want to see yourself really skinny, because you're going to look like a goddamn freak.

How can I convert fat to muscle? [B04]

Physiologically impossible. You can lose fat, you can gain muscle. Fat cannot turn into muscle.

My told me this is wrong [B05]

Your friend/trainer/parent/teacher/whatever haven't served you well up to this point.

Your friend is probably a retard, your parent(s) is/are worried you'll hurt yourself, your trainer most likely has accreditation from the gym he's working for (there is no national standard for physical trainer accreditation) and unless your teacher has a doctoral degree in exercise physiology they should probably stop giving people advice about exercising.

Everyone thinks they're an expert about fitness, money, cars, love and government. Ignore them.

Just assume that everything everyone has ever told you about fitness and nutrition outside of this forum has been wrong. Okay? Okay.

I'm skinny, I'm eating, but I'm not growing [B06]

Massive Eating: Reloaded, Part I
Massive Eating: Reloaded, Part II
Strategic Overeating for Mass
The Truth About Bulking

See the FAQ for a longer bit about you and your training and why you may not be growing.

I'm fat but I can't lose weight because of ___ [B07]


Isn't eating too many eggs bad for me? [B08]

Only if you have a family history of high cholesterol. See the FAQ for more.

My doctor says X is dangerous [B09]

Does your doctor specialize in sports medicine? No? Find someone who does.

The programs here aren't advanced enough for me [B10]

Yes they are, shut the fuck up.

What kind of shoes should I wear? [B11]

For lifting: Something with a flat sole and as little cushioning as you can manage. Many of us swear by Nike Free 7.0s. Chuck Taylors are popular. Basketball shoes, most driving shoes, 'trendy' sneakers that are associated with skateboarding would all probably be suitable.

For running: Consult the running megathread, linked in section [002]

For biking: Consult the cycling megathread, linked in section [002]

If I eat tuna will I get mercury poisoning? [B12]

The Naked Truth: Mercury & Tuna

"In summary:

  • The science shows that there's no reason bodybuilders should cut tuna out of their diets due to the current mercury scare.
  • One can of chunk lite a day is a reasonable and safe intake for a 200-pound man without risking any health problems.
  • If you want to eat more tuna now, make sure to increase your consumption over the course of several weeks so your kidneys can adjust.
  • Adding 1.5 grams of NAC to your diet is a good idea if you eat a lot of tuna. This will help keep your glutathione stores full and your liver healthy.

In short, don't worry too much about tuna consumption. If you are worried, play it safe and adopt the recommendations above."

FYI- Chunk white has almost twice the mercury of chunk lite. Official Hero Pussy recommendation: 3-4 cans of tuna a week for men, 2'ish' for women.

Why is being overweight dangerous? [B13]

Answer courtesy of monteunicorn's translation skills, with me cleaning some stuff up:

There are a lot of people asking why it's bad or even dangerous to carry an excessive amount of body fat, especially in and around the abdominal area. Here I am going to try to formulate an answer to this question.

Obesity is not a natural state for your body from a cavemen/hunter gatherer perspective, just like it's not natural for your body to have too much muscle mass and a low bodyfat %.

Obesity is the catalyst of several medical conditions: Sydrome "X" (diabetes mellitus type 2, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, and triglyceride levels) which leads to congestive heart failure, enlarged heart and its associated arrhythmias and dizziness, cor pulmonale, varicose veins, pulmonary embolism, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), menstrual disorders, infertility, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), fatty liver disease, cholelithiasis (gallstones), hernia, colorectal cancer, urinary incontinence, glomerulopathy, hypogonadism (male), breast cancer (female), uterine cancer (female), stillbirth, increased insulin resistance, dyspnea, obstructive sleep apnea, hypoventilation syndrome, Pickwickian syndrome, asthma, hyperuricemia (which predisposes to gout), immobility, osteoarthritis, low back pain, stroke, meralgia paresthetica, headache, carpal tunnel syndrome, dementia, kidney failure, stretch marks, acanthosis nigricans, lymphedema, cellulitis, carbuncles, intertrig and joint damage.

The mechanics behind obesities effect on these sicknesses are many, and sometimes unexplained. Though alot of them are:

  • Destruction of the body's "hormonal harmony": Obesity causes insulin resistance which means that your insulin doesn't work the way it's supposed to. Your pancreas tries to compensate by secreting more insulin, but after a while it gets exhausted and you develop diabetes. Aromatisation of testosterone to estrogen in fat tissue is a undesirable side effect. Fat filtration will also cause the endocrine (hormone producing- insulin, glucagon, and somatostatin) part of the pancreas to respond poorly to hormones, and your natural production suffers as a result.
  • Fat tissue produces different forms of identified and unidentified ’toxic’ substances that have a terrible effect on different regulatory systems in the body, which results in poor regulation of blood pressure (increase) and cholesterol (increase). This predisposes for filled arteries in the heart and brain (heart attack, stroke), by accumulation of oxidised LDL-cholesterol in the artery walls that when absorbing chalk swells up and breaks.
  • Fat tissue inhibits different parts of the immune system, both directly and indirectly, due to inhibition of the signalling roads between immune cells. Since your immune system fights cancer cells, the risk for cancer and inflammatory diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, chronic obtrustive pulmonary disease, osteoarthritis) increase drastically.
  • Fat is not limited to the subcutaneous fat you see in the mirror. If your obesity reaches a certain threshold the fat itself will 'float' out into your internal organs and start storing itself in your liver, heart, intestines and even muscles. This leads to reduced organ function.
  • The obese carry a significant amount of weight, while the knuckles, joints, muscles and tendons often are severely undertrained and can't handle it. This leads to premature wearing and damages the skeletal and connective tissue.

We are at the beginning of a dangerous obesity 'epidemic' that will lead to a higher mortality rate in the populace and will put a huge strain on the health sector over the next 40 years.

The dangers of insulin resistance.

Everybody knows that if you eat more calories than your body burns, your bodyfat will increase. We can look at two fundamentally different forms of fat storage in the body:
  • Subcutaneous fat (the fat you see in the mirror)
  • Visceral fat, that's everywhere and inside your body's organs (especially the intestines and liver)

Subcutaneous fat is, by itself, harmless to you, as opposed to the inner stomach fat. The best way to estimate the amount of waist fat is simply by measuring your waist. The recommended waist measurement is under 95cm for men and below 80cm for women, but fact is that some studies show that coronary heart disease rates start increasing at around 75cm for men and 65-70 for women.

The stomach fat secretes a number of 'bad' hormones that cause your blood sugar, fat tissue and blood pressure regulation to act crazy. Too much stomach fat causes a metabolic fuck-up. Examples of this are resistine and adiponectin, in addition to an increased amount of triglycerides hamper important metabolic processes.

What is insulin resistance?

Your blood sugar is regulated by fine lines, so the fastened blood sugar (glucose) is kept between 4-6 6mmol/l. When the blood sugar rises after a meal, your pancreas secretes insulin to get the glucose out of the bloodstream and into the tissue, especially in skeletal musculature where it is stored and/or used.

Increased insulin resistance means that your pancreas has to secrete more and more insulin to keep a stable blood sugar.

When your pancreas can't manage to secrete enough insulin to keep your body at a stable blood sugar level (below 7mmol/l), it's called diabetes.

You can get an impression of the degree of insulin resistance by measuring your levels of fasting insulin that will be heightened with insulin resistance. If you measure your bodies Apo B (a blood factor that indicates levels of triglycerides) and LDL-Particle size, you can identify insulin resistance very early on.

It's important to note that diabetes is a very late stage of insulin resistance, while the risk of developing coronary heart disease increases at the earliest stages of insulin resistance.

What is overtraining? [B14]

Overtraining is a form of decreased performance. Put simply it's a state where you have put your body in a position where it can't recover from the amount of load you have given it.

Stuart McRobert, author of the books Brawn and Beyond Brawn, said this: "If every bodybuilder in the world was to add an extra two days of rest between workouts, there would be a lot more muscle in the world within weeks."

The term "overtraining" is misused often, as it has many potential causes:

- Undereating
- Little sleep
- Too much stress
- Lack of motivation
- Too much volume/intensity over a period of time

All these factors work together and influence each other, and it's hard to say what comes first. If you undereat, the solution can be as easy as eating more- but there's no doubt that cutting back on volume often will help.

This condition indicates that the body is in a catabolic/muscle eating state instead of an anabolic/muscle building state. When the balance is tipped between training sessions/intensity on one side and diet, rest, sleep and stress factors on the other side, it can cause many symptoms:

- Poor progress/stagnation
- You lose the "will" to exercise
- You feel exhausted throughout the day
- Mood swings
- Pain and aching in joints and tendons
- Poor appetite
- Weakened immune system- more infections, more colds, etc
- Increased blood pressure, increased cortisol secretion

Start slow with a light load whenever starting a new program. Any new program should be 'adapted' to your caloric intake and give time for rest and every day stress factors. If you can't adapt a program for this, you should reduce your training volume/intensity.

Remember that lack of progress can also be blamed on not having any variation in your program (assuming you don't have any of the symptoms listed about). Using periodization is a solution, as your body will adapt to a program if you do it constantly and it has no variations.

These factors need to be taken into consideration to avoid overtraining:

- Heavy compound lifts require more recovery time than isolation exercise.
- Heavier, explosive and eccentric training (Westside, o-lifts, strongman) require more reocvery time than isolation exercise.
- Eating too little food will negatively impact recovery
- Sleeping too little will negatively impact recovery

V. How-To [005]

it's coming shut your big stupid face

VI. Miscellaneous [006]





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Dude, that T-Nation site you linked to has stupid forums and is selling products. And that John Berardi guy is selling some system on his site.
Thank you, detective. John Berardi is a well respected sports nutritionist. He wouldn't spend time writing articles if he wasn't selling a system (which is solid) online. T-Nation is a shithole, as is every other forum about weightlifting (and really, exercise and nutrition in general). Most BioTest products (T-Nation) are overpriced, ask us before you buy anything. Be glad W&W exists.

Dead link/Add this/Whatever

Send me a PM. The chances of me reading absolutely everything in this thread are pretty low.

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