Greens Plus or Greens+ is a supplement with plant, vegetable, and fruit extracts. It is design to replace deficiencies of these micronutrients in the diet. A February 2007 study showed (however, not conclusively) that "greens+ increases vitality and energy".

It is ideal for someone who does not eat vegetables or fruits often. Alfalfa says: "Basically it is your multi-vitamin taken from ground down powdered veggies. You even have the stuff you wouldn't want to touch with a 10 foot pole in there. Algae and all that fun stuff. If you eat a good amount of veggies then cut down to a half serving etc, but still keep it in your diet."

Greens+ comes in powder or capsule form, and in two flavors, regular and Berry Burst. Berry Burst tastes better. The powdered form can be taken with fish oil for one of the most delicious diet shakes you'll ever taste.

In Canada, they apparently have more flavors.


How much to take

Three teaspoons of the powder a day, or 12 of the capsules. If you already eat a lot of vegetables, cut this in half.

Where to get it

United States

Other than that, try Google Shopping and sort by price.

Great Britain

  • It's 50% more expensive than the US version.


Anywhere else

You're fucked. It's really expensive.