From Liface's DC Training thread:

I'm going to start doing DC Training. People have mentioned DC training on this forum before, but there has not (to my knowledge) been a thread about it. It was started by a guy who calls himself DoggCrapp, who looks like this.

How to start:


You need to read every word of this post and then come back and re-read it. Then you need to go to, the main site for more information because that's the official discussion board for DC training. I'm not going to repost a lot of the information there because there's too many words and they are all important. One big problem with DC Training is that the information is all over the place, it's not organized at all. A summary of how to get started:

1. After reading every word on that site, pick out three exercises from the list below for each muscle group. You are going to rotate between these exercises every three to four days. The first day you'll do the first exercise. When that same "day" comes up in three or four days, you'll do the second exercise. You then rotate in this way until you stop progressing on one of the lifts. When you stop progressing, you'll have to rotate that exercise out for a new one the next time the day comes up in the rotation. If you really like an exercise, this is motivation to PR on that exercise every week, even if it's just one extra rep! There is one exception: If you are injured or really feeling like you're having a bad day, give yourself one extra time to PR before switching.

This is what your 2-day split will look like, IN ORDER:
Workout A:
Back Width
Back Thickness

Workout B:

Monday - Workout A, Variation 1
Wednesday - Workout B, Variation 1
Friday - Workout A, Variation 2
Monday - Workout B, Variation 2
Wednesday - Workout A, Variation 3
Friday - Workout B, Variation 3

It's going to be two weeks before you're looking back at your log to beat last time's workout.

2. For every exercise, pick a rep range to work in. Let's use 15-20 and close grip bench press as an example. After warming up (do whatever you want, no guidelines here), you perform your main set. Let's say you get 10 reps. Now you take 12-15 deep breaths (~20secs) and you go at it again. Let's say you get 3reps. Now you take another 12-15 deep breaths and go at it one last time. Let's say you get 2 reps.

Now you add them up. 10 + 3 + 2 = 15. You are within your range. Now the next time you perform the same exercise, you can either:
Go at it again and this time aim to beat 15, shooting for 17 to 18 so the following week you know you can add weight


If you feel confident add weight and aim to stay within your rep range. If you drop below your rep range, it's time stop adding weight until you know you can hit it next time.

Your squats and deadlifts and some other quads and back thickness exercises should not be rest-paused, on account of injury. Instead of this, do two sets: one "very heavy" and 4-9 reps and one "heavy" at 9-12 reps.

Shoulders - 12 to 20 rest paused
Triceps - 12 to 20 rest paused
Back Width - 12 to 20 rest paused
Back Thickness - depends on exercise, if it's rack deadlifts or bent over rows do 12 to 15 reps rest paused. If it's deadlifts from the floor do a straight set 12 to 20 heavy)
Biceps - 15 to 20 rest paused
Forearms/Brachilias - Depends on movement
Calves - A nice controlled negative followed by 15 seconds at the bottom for a super stretch then back up on your toes, thats 1 rep and you do 1 set for 12 reps
Hamstrings - 15 to 30 rest paused
Quads - A straight 15 to 50 reps heavy as I can possibly go (usually its 20 reps)

3. Every exercise should be done while focusing on the negatives, they should be slow and controlled. Use good judgment, you should be able to stop a negative at any time.

4. At the end of each muscle group you're going to stretch that muscle group using something called Extreme Stretching. Here's a description of the different stretches:


CHEST: Flat bench 90lb dumbbells chest high--lungs full of air-- I drop down into the deepest fly I can for the first 10 seconds or so with my lungs full of air and chest out---then staying there I arch my back slightly and try to press my sternum upward --this is absolutely excruciating--the rest of the 60 seconds I try to concentrate on dropping my elbows even farther down (I try to but I don’t think they are going any lower--LOL)---the last 15 seconds I’m pretty much shaking like a leaf, I have tears in my eyes and I think about dropping bodybuilding and becoming a tap dancer on Broadway (ok that parts not true)--My opinion is people should use dumbbells that are a little over half of what your heaviest set of 6-8 reps would be. I cant state this enough--extreme stretching royally sucks!!! Its painful. But I have seen amazing things with people -especially in the quads.

TRICEPS: Seated on a flat bench-my back up against the barbell---75lb dumbell in my hand behind my head(like in an overhead dumbell extension)--sink dumbell down into position for the first 10 seconds and then an agonizing 50 seconds slightly leaning back and pushing the dumbell down with the back of my head I like one arm at a time in the bottom position of a dumbell triceps extension----going to the extreme stretch and then slightly pushing on the dumbell with the back of my head.

SHOULDERS: This one is tough to describe--put a barbell in the squat rack shoulder height--face away from it and reach back and grab it palms up (hands on bottom of bar)---walk yourself outward until you are on your heels and the stretch gets painful--then roll your shoulders downward and hold for 60 seconds.

BICEPS: Olympic bar in a power rack or squat rack about neck high---face away from it and reach back and put both hands over the bar gripping it----now either sink down with one leg forward/one leg back or better yet squat down and try (I say try because its absolutely excruciating) to kneel. Go down to the stretch that is almost unbearable and then hold that for 45 to 60 seconds. Your own bodyweight is the load. What I do is put the bar at a place on the squat rack in which I can kneel at a severe stretch and then try to sink my ass down to touch my feet. If its too easy I put the bar up to the next rung.

BACK: Honestly for about 3 years my training partner and I would hang a 100lb dumbell from our waist and hung on the widest chin-up bar (with wrist straps) to see who could get closest to 3 minutes--I never made it--I think 2 minutes 27 seconds was my record--but my back width is by far my best body part--I pull on a doorknob or stationary equipment with a rounded back now and its way too hard too explain here--just try it and get your feel for it.

HAMSTRINGS: Either leg up on a high barbell holding my toe and trying to force my leg straight with my free hand for an excruciating painful 60 seconds or another exercise I could only show people and not type here.

QUADS: Facing a barbell in a power rack about hip high --grip it and simultaneously sink down and throw your knees under the barbell and do a sissy squat underneath it while going up on your toes. then straighten your arms and lean as far back as you can---60 seconds and if this one doesn't make you hate my guts and bring tears to your eyes nothing will---do this one faithfully and tell me in 4 weeks if your quads don’t look a lot different than they used to.

CALVES: my weak body part that I couldn’t get up too par until 2 years ago when I finally thought it out and figured out how to make them grow (with only one set twice a week too) I don’t need to stretch calves after because when I do calves I explode on the positive and take 5 seconds to get back to full stretch and then 15 seconds at the very bottom "one one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand etc" --15 seconds stretching at the bottom thinking and trying to flex my toes toward my shin--it is absolutely unbearable and you will most likely be shaking and want to give up at about 7 reps (I always go for 12reps with maximum weights)--do this on a hack squat or a leg press--my calves have finally taken off due to this. "

5. Cruising: This program kills you, so every 6-8 weeks of blasting through your exercises you're going to do two weeks of maintenance training. Some advice given on the IntenseMuscle forums:
-Everything straight setted for a set 10-20 reps
-Do not go to failure, make sure you leave a rep or two
-No slow negatives or explosive lifts
-Don't do the extreme stretching so hard
-Drop a day if you want and workout 2 times a week during the cruise

List of suggested exercises

This is just a listed of exercises that you could used. Realistically you can use any safe exercise that primarily targets any of these groups.

Incline smith machine press
Decline smitch machine press
Hammer strength press (incline and decline)
Incline barbell press
Decline barbell press
Incline dumbbell press
Flat dumbbell press
Decline dumbbell press
Other good machine presses

Smith machine presses to front of head
Smith machine presses to back of head
Hammer strength press
Other good machine presses
Barbell press to front of head
Barbell press to back of head
Dumbbell shoulder press

Close grip bench in smith machine
Reverse grip bench in smith machine
Skull crushers
Dips (in upright position, on dip bars)

Rack chins to front of head
Rack chins to back of head
Reverse grip rack chins (close grip)
Assisted pullups
Hammer strength "pulldown" machines
Other good "pulldown" machines
Pull downs to front of head
Pull downs to back of head (also could be dangerous)

Rack deadlift
T-bar rows
Smith rows
Barbell rows

Barbell curls
Alternate dumbbell curls
Barbell preacher curls
Hammer strength machine curls
Other good machine curls
Cable curls
Incline db curls
Close grip ez-bar preacher curls
Standing medium grip ez-bar curls

Hammer curls (alternated)
Pinwheel curls (alternated)
Reverse grip one arm cable curls

Calves on a leg press
Standing calf raises
Calves in hack squat
Seated calf raises
Any calf machine with a good range of motion

Seated leg curls
Standing leg curls
Lying leg curls
Stiff leg deadlift
Sumo presses

Smith squats (note: this is on the website, I don't know why, but I'm crossing it out because it's dangerous)
Hack squat
Leg press

Links - this is THE DC Training forum - DC logging excel spreadsheets

My routine
I'm just going to post my routine that I'm about to start after I finish my last arm day of cavefish's routine, which I've been doing for over a year.
Workout A, Variation 1
Incline Dumbbell Bench Press (15-30rp)
Front (lat) pulldowns (11-20rp)
Lying triceps extensions with EZ-Curl bar (15-30rp) [like skull crushers but safer]
Seated dumbbell shoulder press (11-20rp)
Deadlifts (6-9reps) + (9-12reps) straight sets

Workout B, Variation 1
EZ-bar curls (11-20rp)
Pinwheel curls (straight set 10-20 reps)
Leg press toe press (10-12 reps)
Lying leg curl (15-30rp)
Squats (6-10 rep straight set) 3-5 minute rest and then (20 rep widowmaker)

Workout A, Variation 2
Flat Dumbbell Bench Press (15-30rp)
Seated barbell shoulder press (11-15rp)
Dips (11-20rp)
Pull-ups (11-15rp)
T-bar rows (10-12 reps) straight set

Workout B, Variation 2
Ez-bar body drag curls (11-20rp)
Hammer curls (straight set 10-20 reps)
Smith standing leg calf raise (10-12 reps)
Straight-legged deadlift (15-30) straight sets
Hack squats (6-10 rep straight set) 3-5 minute rest and then (20 rep widowmaker)

Workout A, Variation 3
Incline Smith Bench Press (11-15rp)
Upright rows (11-20rp)
Rope triceps pushdown (11-20rp)
Chin ups (11-15rp)
Barbell row (6-9reps) + (9-12reps) straight sets

Workout B, Variation 3
Dumbell curls (11-20rp)
Reverse grip one arm cable curls (straight set 10-20 reps)
Standing calf rise holding dumbbells (10-12 reps)
Sumo press leg press (pressing with heels only, straight set of 15-25 reps)
Leg press (6-10 rep straight set) 3-5 minute rest and then (20 rep widowmaker)

How I made this: I made a list of all the different muscle groups and picked out three exercises from each. Then I simply organized those into the corresponding days.

This is quite complicated, so I will be periodically updating this guide with new suggestions from you guys.